Carsoe Shrimp sorting line

Manufactured year: 2019 Processing line for shrimp (designed for shrimp boat vessel). Designed for multiply tasks: sorting, by-cacthing and boiling (cooker). Line equipped with next units: By-catch separator Model: CS 1515.29 It is the difference in surface texture on shrimp and fish that enables the separation process. The fish are transported upwards, whereas the shrimp … More Carsoe Shrimp sorting line

KM 611 – Glazing machine

Man.year: 2016 Condition: New The glazing machine KM 611is designed for spray glazing ofsmall IQF frozen products asshrimp, mussels, pieces of fishor chicken e.g. Capacity: up to 1800 kg/hour Itis equipped with 3 specialdesigned grating tables forsmall particles and with 2 steps for turning the product to get a uniform glazing. Table size (length/width): 2900 … More KM 611 – Glazing machine

Carnitech – Tunnel Freezer with packing line

Condition: Good The high-perfomance freezer for shrimp, vegetables, berries The line consist of next equipment: 1. Tunnel with tilted conveyor – to gather raw material Capacity: 0,55 kW 2. Vibration shower glazer CT 1211.02 – To spray cold water (6ºC) on the shrimps  Capacity: 1250 kg/h 3. Conveyor  4. Fast freezing tunnel Capacity: -36ºC 5. … More Carnitech – Tunnel Freezer with packing line

KM 340 – Automatic Shrimp cooker and blancher

Man.year: 2016 Condition: New KM 340 Automatic Shrimp Cookeris a compact cooker designed for uniform water cooking or blanching shrimp, shell fish, fish and vegetables. For use on board trawlers or in land based factories. Capacity: 1000 kg/time, at 3 min. Cooking time. Batch size: Up to 60 kg. Power: 1,5 kW. Heating: Steam: 150 … More KM 340 – Automatic Shrimp cooker and blancher