Linco Food A/S – Weighing system for poultry processing plants

Manufactured year: 2012 Condition: Working The weighing system gross/net boxes is designed to determine the weight of the incoming live poultry by weighting the total bird boxes and empty boxes and calculate the difference between them. The system comprises two weight module with feed chain conveyors equipped with electric speed adjustment, mechanical stop device boxes, … More Linco Food A/S – Weighing system for poultry processing plants

Baader 997 – Bone separator

Manufactured year: 2002 Condition: Good, working Designed to deboning fish and meat products. Gentle processing raw provides high quality product at outfeed. Capacity: 1500 kilograms per hour Drum hole: 1 and 3 mm Equipped with feeding hopper

Baader 697 – Bone separator

Condition: Overhauled This model of Baader separator is designed for high-quality meat deboning where are you get a boneless product and ready for further processing. With low electricity consumption, the separator processes up to 1000 kilograms per hour. Drum: 3 mm. Dimensions (LxWxH): Approximatrely 1350 x 1150 x 2450 mm Power: 3 kW

Stork chicken head puller

Condition: Good, working Simple and efficient unit for automatic pulling chicken heads after removing feathers.   Additionally can be equipped with the unit for eviscerating liver and inner organs from neck.