Multivac R 530 Thermoforming machine

Condition: Excellent This high-speed machine is created for maximum productivity and work in conditions of the industrial production. Multivac R 530 can be equipped by the widest range of extra equipment and diverse by its high efficiency, safety and hygienе. Equipped with Busch vacuum pump. Used to work at fish processing factory. Die set: 1:1 … More Multivac R 530 Thermoforming machine

AFAK – Packaging line for fish blocks

Manufactured year: 2013 Condition: Good, working This line is suitable for fish freezing trawlers with processing lines. Complete with next equipment: Sealing device for fish frozen blocks. Carton box packing machine with block ejector. Strapex Strapping machine Seal machine (model FV 15) AFAK Seal Machine, this machine is a fully automatic sealing machine for fish … More AFAK – Packaging line for fish blocks

DIGI AW-3600 CPR – Stretch wrapping machine

Condition: Good, working This line designed for fully automatic and integrated weighing, wrapping, labeling food products (chicken, meat, fish and vegetable products) at in-line production.  With high-speed processing, capacity reaches up to 30 packages per minute.  The main functions are: 1. Weighs the product. 2. Wraps it in stretch film. 3. Prints a label of … More DIGI AW-3600 CPR – Stretch wrapping machine

Multivac R 275 CD Darfresh – Thermoformer for packaging products

Manufactured year: 2011 Condition: Good, working Designed for the DARFRESH vacuum skin packing (VSP) process. In case of using Darfresh packing technology upper film lies tight on a product, copies its surface and gums up with low film in places there is no product. A product, packaged by this technology, looks like very attractive for … More Multivac R 275 CD Darfresh – Thermoformer for packaging products

Multivac T800 – Traysealer

Manufactured year: 2009 Condition: Good, working Automatic traysealer for food packaging (used for packing fish). Works with gas function. Capacity: up to 15 cycles per minute Equipped with two die sets. Aluminum trays with next measures (LxWxD) : 1. 178 x 136 x 45 mm 2. 220 x 170 x 45 mm

Ulma Florida – Flow pack wrapper

Condition: Excellent Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machine for food industry. Suitable for packaging vegetables, fruits, bakery.   Capacity: up to 100 packs per minute (depends on characteristics of product). Main features are: Automatic feeder for trays. Different types and various lengths of infeed conveyor. No Product – No bag function. Misplaced product – Double Bag function. … More Ulma Florida – Flow pack wrapper