CFS Autogrind 280 – Frozen block grinder

Manufactured year: 2004 Condition: Working This is a high-capacity industrial grinder for fresh and frozen meat (with temperature up to -18C). The large infeed area allows loading the machine with up to 8 standard meat blocks (18 kg/pc) in one go. Capacity: – Fresh meat up to 30 tons per hour – Frozen meat up to 11 tons per … More CFS Autogrind 280 – Frozen block grinder

Automatic band saw RB-2

Model: RB-2 This machine is designed for cutting food products using a band saw. Depending on the size of the products, the machine can cut more than one piece at the same time, increasing the productivity. The charging process of the product is done manually by the operator, but we can realize an automatic charging … More Automatic band saw RB-2

Marel M3000 – Dual line grader for 16 gates

Condition: Good, working Grader for raw material (fish, chicken, poultry and meat). Equipped with baskets and high-precision dynamic weighing unit. Grader is able to sort production into 16 groups. It also has a batching function. Equipped with dynamic scales, separator with 8 gates (on the one side), packing tables and out-feeding conveyor under the separator. … More Marel M3000 – Dual line grader for 16 gates

Baader 601 – Bone separator

Manufactured year: 1999 Condition: Excellent Baader 601 separates raw meat material from waste components – cartilages, veins, skin, and bones.A flexible squeezing belt transports a product to a rotating perforated drum. There the raw material goes through a brief pressing operation. The hard particles such as bone and skin stay outside, soft parts are pushed … More Baader 601 – Bone separator

Baader 603 – Bone separator

Condition: WorkingBaader 603 is used for separating raw meat material from waste components, such as cartilages, veins, skin and bones. This machine can gently refine different raw product: fillet with or without skin, pinbone strips and trimmings, whole main bones and collar bones. Such model of separator with better productivity differ improved construction of loading … More Baader 603 – Bone separator