Vertical plate freezer

Condition: Overhauled  This vertical plate freezer designed for block style freezing food without or with little beforehanding directly on site. Suitable for freezing fish, meat and poultry, seafood products and offal for pet food. Refrigerant: Freon or Ammonia Block dimensions (LxHxW): 1080 x 530 x 100 mm. Weight of block: 40 kg Product loading: 800 … More Vertical plate freezer

Tucal horizontal plate freezer HPF16

Condition: Good, working This unit designed for freezing food products (fish and meat) in frames to blocks.   Number of plates: 16 Number of stations: 15 Refrigerant: NH3 (Ammonia) Working temperature: from – 43 to + 45 degrees C Test pressure: 30 bar Frame made of stainless steel and equipped with cabinet.

Heinen Compact 400 – Spiral freezer

Manufactured year: 2008 Condition: Working The compact offers flexible belt configurations in three different layouts, rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise and upwards or downwards conveying. The number of tiers and clearance between the tiers can be adapted to the particular product and capacity. The wall and ceiling panels of the insulating enclosure are lined inside with … More Heinen Compact 400 – Spiral freezer

Frigoscandia GCP 42 – Spiral Freezer

Model: GCP (GYRoCOMPACT) 42  Condition: Good, working  Model: GCP 42  This unit designed for fast freezing a variety of products including meat, sausages, fish, poultry, pizza. The average capacity of freezing varies between 400 and 700 kilograms of product per hour. Belt width: approx. 400 mm. Number of tiers: 33 Height between tiers: 60 mm.