Grader Marel DWU M3000 OptiWeigher for 8 gates

Man. year: 2003 (scales), 2004 (separator) Grader equipped with 8 bins placed on one side and high-precision dynamic weighing unit OptiWeigher. Controller: M3000 Weighting speed: up to 115 Pieces per minute (at 50Hz) Max. product length: 500 mm  Weight range: 0,04 – 10 kg Belt: Intralox S100 / Intralox S1 100 Belt width: 305 (280) … More Grader Marel DWU M3000 OptiWeigher for 8 gates

Thermoformer Sealpack RE 25

Condition: good, working Sealpac RE25 with 3,6 m loading area is designed for effective packing of fish, meat and other food products into just-formed and hermetically sealed trays. This thermoformer equipped with 3 molds, including 2-section and 4-section molds. Film width (bottom/upper): 460 / 455 mm Stroke length: 600 mm Loading area length: 3600 mm … More Thermoformer Sealpack RE 25

Vertical plate freezer

Condition: Overhauled  This vertical plate freezer designed for block style freezing food without or with little beforehanding directly on site. Suitable for freezing fish, meat and poultry, seafood products and offal for pet food. Refrigerant: Freon or Ammonia Block dimensions (LxHxW): 1080 x 530 x 100 mm. Weight of block: 40 kg Product loading: 800 … More Vertical plate freezer

Mesa 850 Cod backbone processing machine

Manufactured year: 2016 Condition: Excellent This processing machine for cod backbones remove swim bladders and fish flesh from backbone after filleting or splitting. The size of the backbones that the machine can process is from approximately 200g, depending on raw material, and up to Urgent sizes with the machine adjusting itself to different sizes of … More Mesa 850 Cod backbone processing machine