Fish processing line for salmon

The line for full processing salmon and trout fillets by the most frequently required equipment for: filleting, descaling, removing bones, head and tails, washing, etc.

Average capacity reaches up to 24 tons per 8-hour shift.

Complete with next machines and lines:

  1. Pallet lifter and box dumper (produced by Marel)

Lifter for European type pallets to facilitate the handling of boxes of fresh fish that will be moved to the Marel box turner, (activated by a pedal). The turner rack separates the ice from the fish.

  1. Uni-Food De-scaler

Scaling fish surface by water pressure (without bringing damages to the fish fillet)

  1. Marel fish heading machine

Designed for removing fish head and tails. Suitabe fish size for precise cutting between 2 and 7 kg.

  1. Filleting machine Carnitech (Marel) 2630

This filleting machine processes salmon, trout from abt. 2 to 7 kg up to 20 fish/min (depending on fish size).

  1. Marel inspection table for 4 workers
  2. Carnitech fish fillet feeder

Automatic fillet feeder, designed to go from 2 lanes to 4 lanes of fillets, which allows feed them to 2 double lane pin-boner machine.

  1. Marel Dual pin bone machine with cyclone

Bone remover from fish fillets.

  1. Carnitech Fillet collector \ fish fillet feeder

Automatic fillet feeder, designed to go from 4 lanes to 2 lanes of fillets. Designed for feeding to the inspection table.

  1. Inspection conveyor table

Equipped with 4 work stations for checking fish fillets with remained bones

  1. Carnitech fish fillet washer (Deslimer)

This deslimer designed for washing off mucus, blood and bacteria from fish (salmon and trout).

  1. Fomaco FGM 88F double bridge brine injector

Machine with brine tank, used for injecting fish fillets.

  1. Fomaco brine mixer

Designed as additional and essential tool for Fomaco brine injectors to mix ingredients.

  1. Carnitech Salt spreader