Trifisk TRI-4-CXX Fish scaler

Condition: Good, working

Designed for removing fish scale and used to work on salmon fillets. Suitable for small and medium fish processing enterprises. Can be installed on a vessel as well. 

Can process: Red Snapper, Salmon, Cod, Haddock, White Fish, Weak Fish, Pollock

Size range: from 1 kg to 8 kg

Capacity: Up to 125 fish per minute (depends on size)

Lenght of the machine: 1880 mm

Power: 5 kW

How it works: operator put the fish with head forward to the center of entry, then fish goes through star-shaped rollers and descaling heads. At the exit fish automatically leaves the machine. 

This machine is suitable for all kind of processors (from small to large factories) and for vessels as well.