Multivac R 530 Thermoforming machine

Condition: Excellent

This high-speed machine is created for maximum productivity and work in conditions of the industrial production. Multivac R 530 can be equipped by the widest range of extra equipment and diverse by its high efficiency, safety and hygienе. Equipped with Busch vacuum pump.

Used to work at fish processing factory.

Die set:

  1. 1:1

External dimensions (LxW): 525 x 420 mm.

Inner dimensions (LxW): 507 x 405 mm.

  1. 4:3

External dimensions (LxW): 175 x 105 mm.

Inner dimensions (LxW): 157 x 90 mm.

  1. 5:4

External dimensions (LxW): 131,25 x 84 mm.

Inner dimensions (LxW): 113,25 x 69 mm.