Marel Horizontal Slicer MSC 240

Condition: Good, working

The MSC 240 is a highly effective and solid horizontal slicer designed for finest fish slicing quality.

Suitable for slicing of fresh, cold smoked salmon or trout and related fish species.

Capacity reached up to approximately 60 kg per hour by 1 kg fillets and 2.4 mm slice thickness.

Loading and clamping of the fillet on to the cutting table is done manually. The machine cuts fish fillet on long and compatible thin slices from the total length of the product.

The horizontal slicer has a vertical drive to control and adjust slice thickness. The control panel is easy to operate, to make adjustments for slice thicknesses and knife blade speed.

A perfect choice for an efficient and reliable slicer at a low cost investment.

Operating requirements:

  • Only 1 operator needed
  • Manually loading and the clamping of fish fillet.
  • Electrically and pneumatic driven.
  • Protected from moisture ingress.