Carsoe Shrimp sorting line

Manufactured year: 2019

Processing line for shrimp (designed for shrimp boat vessel). Designed for multiply tasks: sorting, by-cacthing and boiling (cooker).

Line equipped with next units:

By-catch separator

Model: CS 1515.29

It is the difference in surface texture on shrimp and fish that enables the separation process. The fish are transported upwards, whereas the shrimp slide downwards. This also makes the separator suitable for separation of soft-shelled shrimp in seasons where those swarm the waters.

The by-catch separator is equipped with an electrical cylinder that makes the adjustment of the angle of the conveyors less time-consuming. A unique tilting system makes for an even spread of product on the conveyors in case of heeling, and thus a more efficient separation process. The drive drums on the conveyors are made of rubber which ensures a substantially longer service life.

Power: 0,37 kW

Voltage: 3 × 400 V \ 50 Hz

Double line shrimp grader

Model: CT 1014 – 12

This Carsoe shrimp grader type CS 1014 grades from 4 up to 7 sizes, leading the small shrimp out first while the larger ones continue till the edge of the screen.

Shrimp grader offers a gentle and accurate thickness grading and is available for both cold water and warm water shrimp.

The open stainless steel design facilitates daily cleaning. Our shrimp grader is equipped with automatic lubricant injectors and requires but a minimum of maintenance.

The shrimp grader can be connected to plants both onboard and onshore.

Power: 1,5 kW

Voltage: 3 × 400 V

Shrimp cooker

Includes an intelligent control system

Easy to clean, nothing to dismount before cleaning.

Made of acid – resistant steel.

Few moving parts – low maintenance cost.

Water supplying tank