Automatic band saw RB-2

Model: RB-2

This machine is designed for cutting food products using a band saw.

Depending on the size of the products, the machine can cut more than one piece at the same time, increasing the productivity.

The charging process of the product is done manually by the operator, but we can realize an automatic charging process after studying the specifications of your product.

The machine has two product loaders; each one has an automatic gripper to hold the products to be cut. The product loaders have an automatic movement of advance to realize the cutting process in accordance to the set up thickness and requirements.The slices from the product fall down on a conveyor belt, avoiding an accumulation of product. The conveyor belt moves all the slices out from the machine. The general electric box and other electrical components are placed at the rear part of the machine. The band saw is placed at one side; the control panel and the loading area are in front of the machine.

The main devices inside the line:

1. Chassis (Hold all the elements of the machine)

2. Band saw (Cuts frozen meat with bone or boneless)

3. Mobile platform (Supports 2 products loaders)

4. Product loaders 

5. Grippers 

6. Electric box 

7. Conveyor belt

8. Control panel

9. Safety fence

The safety fence has 3 doors that allow the operators to enter and realize maintenance and cleaning operations, change the blade.

Capacity of the machine depends on the following aspects:

– The freezing degree of the products to be cut.

– The section dimensions of the product to be cut.

– The type of the product to be cut.

Maximum cutting height: 280 mm.

Discharge height of the cut product: 935 mm.

Dimensions of band saw (LxWxH): 2547 x 2620 x 1900 mm. 

2 x products loader (LxW): 830 x 300 mm.

Dimensions of safety fence (LxWxH) 2010 x 2620 x 1900 mm.

Weight: approx. 1725 kg.