KM 611 – Glazing machine

Man.year: 2016

Condition: New

The glazing machine KM 611is designed for spray glazing ofsmall IQF frozen products asshrimp, mussels, pieces of fishor chicken e.g.

Capacity: up to 1800 kg/hour

Itis equipped with 3 specialdesigned grating tables forsmall particles and with 2 steps for turning the product to get a uniform glazing.

Table size (length/width): 2900 mm / 1100 mm

The machine has vibratory motors with adjustable stroke. It´s also possible to adjust speed using the electric board.

The nozzle bars can be adjusted separately by a valve on each bar and water is closed and opened by a coil valve true the electric board.

Equipped with water filter for protecting of clogging nozzles.

Spraying area covered with two hinged doors.

The maximum amount of glaze depends on product temperature and size and glaze water temperature. Optimal glaze water temperature +2 degree C.

Technical data:

Power: 1,50 kW

Water: max. 8,4 l/minMaterials: Manufactured in polished stainless steel and F.D.A. approved materials.