Carnitech – Tunnel Freezer with packing line

Condition: Good

The high-perfomance freezer for shrimp, vegetables, berries

The line consist of next equipment:

1. Tunnel with tilted conveyor – to gather raw material

Capacity: 0,55 kW

2. Vibration shower glazer CT 1211.02 – To spray cold water (6ºC) on the shrimps 

Capacity: 1250 kg/h

3. Conveyor 

4. Fast freezing tunnel

Capacity: -36ºC

5. Conveyor 

6. Vibration shower glazer CT 1211 – To spray the product for the second time with cold water (6ºC)

Capacity: 0,55 kW, 1250kg/h

7. Tilted conveyor – Tilted conveyor to transport the product into quick freezer’s vibration feeder

Capacity: 0,55 kW

8. Vibration freezer CT 2810 – Splitting the products into three separate equal conveyors

9. Box weigher conveyor

10. Peruza SP 20 Speed – Dozing machine to pour to packing (plastic bag or carton)

11. Belt conveyor – To transport the product to closing machine

12. Closing machine

13. Splitting place – splitting the quantities of the products to different branches

14. Conveyor 

15. Marel Speed Batcher SBM3000

16. Conveyor

Also include the freezing tunnel with compressor unit:  800 kg/hour capcity and 5 kW power.