Automatic band saw RB-1

Condition: NewAutomatic saw for cutting frozen bone-in or boneless produce slices of poultry, beef, lamb, pork, fish, cheeses. A compact and robust machine, with a small size, that offers high production per operator, precision in the thickness of the cut produce and, above all, the highest level of safety during use.

Dimensions of product maximum, diemater: 700 mm, lenght: 900 mm, height: 230 mm
Cutting speed: 80 m\s
Power: 7,5 kW
Cutting movement engine: 3,55 kW
Saw dust conveyor belt engine: 0,55 kW
Voltage: 400 V \ 50Hz
Compressed air: Flow 4 l
Pressure: 6 bar (min. 4 bar)
Weight: 1585 Kg
Dimensions of machine (LxWxH): approx. 2677 x 2301 x 2017 mm

Advantages of this cutting machine in next points:
– Safety cover. The whole machine is surrounded by a safety fence 2 meters high. Its structureis made of square stainless steel pipe and the panels are made of 25×25 stainless steel grill. The fence is placed minimum 100mm far from the dangerous parts, avoiding the contact between the operators and the dangerous parts of the machine.
– Band saw. 2 pulleys band saw, the pulleys can rotate at a maximum speed of 3.600rpm, allowing the blade to cut large sections at high speed.
– Product loading. The machine has one product loading area, the loading process has to be done manually by the operator. The product loading area, has a width of 650 mm.
– Grippers. The grippers are designed to hold the products with the minimum waste. Several pneumatic cylinders assure a good grip of the product avoiding the movements for achieving a good slice.
– Control panel. Located in the front of the machine, the various elements have been designed to program the various parameters of an easy and efficient way.
– Electrical closet. The electrical closet is integrated on the design of the machine.The water-tight design is specially designed for protecting the electric elements from the water.
– Conveyor belt. Chassis manufactured on stainless steel, modular belt made of blue high density polyethylene. Hygienic design.
– Saw dust conveyor belt. Chain type conveyor belt moves the saw dust from the cutting area to the exterior of the machine, the standard one is designed for discharging at and standard bin, discharging at a height of 1075mm.
– Classification arm on the conveyor belt. The machine can be equipped with a classification arm on the conveyor belt, this system can discard the product that interest us, the first cut, the last or a particular cut.
– Bandsaw blade automatic tensioner. Automatic tensioning system for the bandsaw blades. By turning the selector, a pneumatic mechanism acts by automatically tensioning and relieving the band-saw blade on the pulley.
– Pneumatic blade guard. In order to excel in safety the machine has the option to carry a pneumatic blade guard.