Multivac R 275 CD Darfresh – Thermoformer for packaging products

Manufactured year: 2011

Condition: Good, working

Designed for the DARFRESH vacuum skin packing (VSP) process. In case of using Darfresh packing technology upper film lies tight on a product, copies its surface and gums up with low film in places there is no product. A product, packaged by this technology, looks like very attractive for a customer.

Used to work at a fish processing factory where long preservation of the product is especially required. 

Film width: 422 mm


1. 2:1 – outside dimensions 280 x 180 mm, inside dimensions 262 x 165 mm

2. 4:1- outside dimensions 280 x 90 mm, inside dimensions 262 x 75 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 10387 x 1102 x 2350 mm