AFAK – Packaging line for fish blocks

Manufactured year: 2013

Condition: Good, working

This line is suitable for fish freezing trawlers with processing lines.

Complete with next equipment:

  1. Sealing device for fish frozen blocks.
  2. Carton box packing machine with block ejector.
  3. Strapex Strapping machine
  4. Seal machine (model FV 15)

AFAK Seal Machine, this machine is a fully automatic sealing machine for fish blocks, specially designed to use on board of fishing vessels. At the top and bottom side of the machine, the foil rolls are located. By means of sensors, foil transport will start and stops. All seals will be done by teflonized bars, the heating of these bars will be done by heating elements. The regulation of the temperature range is PLC operated and can be adjusted by hand on the remote control. There is extra storage for 2 more plastic rolls. The machine has an «open» construction very simple to operate.

This machine operates with blocks size 525 x 525 x 100 mm with a capacity of 12 blocks a minute.

Power: 3 kW

Voltage: 220 \ 380 V \ 50 Hz

Air pressure: 6 bar

  1. Block packaging machine DV15 (model DV 15)

This machine is a full automatic packing machine for fish blocks, specially designed to use on board of fishing vessels. By means of an infeed conveyor the block will lifted up to the pusher position, if the carton is present the block will be pushed by a ram into the carton, after the flaps are closed the chain transport is moving the block in next position, new carton will be picked up by the vacuum arm and one block is folded and go to strapping line. The machine has an «open» construction and therefore very simple to operate.

The outfeed height is approximately 915 mm. This machine operates with frozen blocks of 525 x 525 x 100 mm with an approximate weight 23kg.

Capacity: 15 blocks per minute

Cartoon store: 250 pieces

Power: 5 kW

Voltage: 380 V \ 50 Hz

  1. Square conveyor unit

AFAK square unit, designed to lift blocks in horizontal position and transport in a 90º direction.

Suitable for blocks with a dimension of,530x530x105 and a weight of 23 Kg.

The frame in reinforced stainless steel plates, complete with cover plates, 2x mo­tors to drive conveyor belt and roller track

4 driven roller tracks and two belt tracks. In between the square conveyors, there is a small connection conveyor.
Outfeed/infeed 830mm, Length approx.1200mm
Capacity: Maximum 24 blocks per minute

Belt/roller speed: 350 mm per second