Multivac R 175 – Skin pack thermoforming machine

Manufactured year: 2012

Condition: Working

This Multivac R175  designed for vacuum packaging with skin effect. Suitable for many types of products like meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits and many more.

The result is a tray:

– with a high vacuum that guarantees a long shelf life

– with a practically invisible top web that surrounds the product like a second skin, giving it a natural look for maximum merchandising appeal

– with total surface sealing that prevents juice migration and keeps surface decoration securely in place

– with multicolor printing capabilities for increased communication and attractiveness

– that can be competitively presented at PoS with multiple color, imprint, and label options

– that guards against freezer burn during deep-freeze storage

Film width: 420 mm.

Stroke lenght: 300 mm.

Power: 12 kW.

Die set: 3:1

Package dimensions (LxW): 250 x 110 mm.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 5400 x 1100 x 2300 mm.