Scanvaegt B36 – Portion cutter

Condition: Good, working 

It is used for portioning of whole fish and fillet. The product is placed on the enfeed conveyor,  moving with a speed of up to 500 mm/sec. Passing the laser scanner the product cross section area is measured at regular intervals. The information is processed and cut positions calculated according to your specifications and application characteristics to obtain optimal weight and length of the portions. As each cutting point passes the knife section, the blade knife is accelerated rapidly  – cutting through the product at a very high speed. The cut product continues on the outlet conveyor, which can be connected to other types of processing equipment such as weighing system, graders, packing machines, IQF-freezers, etc.

The entire knife arrangement can be angled at 90  or 45 degrees – making it possible for you to present your product in a visibly larger and more attractive form. Knives are produced in a variety of versions – depending on the product you need to cut.

Vision sensor system without fast moving parts.

Water not needed on the knife during cutting.

Belt speed: 20-500 mm/sec

Knife speed: up to 1000 cuts/min

Program memory: up to 84 programs

Cutting angle: 45 and 90 deg.

Accuracy: 97-98%

Product size: 900 x 300 x 150  mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1310 х 3150 х 1930 mm