Norfo 827 – Strip Cutter for fish

Condition: Overhauled

Norfo Strip Cutter is an easy-to-use slicer designed for cutting products into strips or fixed-size portions at the high speed.

It is suitable for cutting all types of products: raw fish, meat, seafood, squid, and ready products like dried fish, seafood, vegetables

Feeding conveyor moves a product to the cutting section. An operator should put the product on the feeding conveyor in right position to minimize waste. The cutting section consists of the block of rotating circle knives running by a motor.

The special sharpening provides smooth cutting. The slicer does not allow flaws or tearing of products fibers, that provides an excellent product condition.

Capacity: 480 kg per hour

Quantity of knives: up to 30


Compact machine, simple in operation and maintenance, has little power consumption.

The block of knives is easily dismantled and disassembled into components, which is convenient for cleaning the equipment and keeping it clean.

All parts which contact with a product are made of stainless steel. The slicer is not corroded, it corresponds to the sanitary requirements of food production.

Power: 1 kW

Voltage: 3 x 400 V \ 50 Hz

Dimensions: 2700 х 820 х 1600 mm

Weight: 330 kg