Kroma Gutmaster 1200 – Gutting machine for salmon

Manufactured year: 2017

Condition: Excellent

GUTMASTER 1200 is the high capacity, flexibility in fish size gutting processing machine.

The unique 16-step system makes the machine very flexible to the size of the fish since all fish are measured in the machines and the knives for removing the abdomen and gills are adjusted with the help of this measurement.

The machine is designed with a focus on high capacity. It is very easy for operators to feed the fish into the machine. The fish is placed in the cup and then the machine positions the fish in the cup.

Capacity: Up to 65 fish per minute, adjustable speed.

Fish species: Trout, mackerel, seabass, seabream, tilapia.

Working range: between 250 – 450 gr.

Additional equipment:

– Cleaning Mode System

– GIP System

– Washing conveyor for small trout Inspection table with conveyor to Grader with 2×4 gates and batch sorting.


– Automatic Emptying system for waste container

– Remote Start/Stop

– Hoses between vacuum pump  and machine