Pisces FR 150 – Filleting machine for trout and lake perch

Man.year: 2000’s

Condition: Working

The Pisces FR-150 is a reliable and high-speed machine designed for cutting fish into single fillets free of backbone and ribs.

It can process lake perch, bass, trout, bream and garfish.

Size range: fish from 85 to 454 g

Processing a wide variety of fish species and sizes is achieved by minor adjustments.

An operator places the deheaded fish in the feed system between the feed rollers which carry the fish into the drive belts. Infeed systems for either eviscerated or non-eviscerated fish are available. The drive belts then transport the fish over the belly cutting blades and belly cleaning wheel and past the backbone removal blades. The backbone and offal are ejected into the waste chute and the two separate halves of the fish are located onto rib guides for transportation past the rib removal blades. The ribs are then removed and ejected into the waste chute, and the two fillets are placed skin-down onto a discharge conveyor.

Feeding conveyor speed: 1,7 m/min

Electricity: 220 V – 30-60 Hz, 12 A

Water connection: standard

Water consumption: approx. 13,6 l

Staff: 1 person

Length: 254 cm

Width: 89 cm

Height: 119 cm

Weight (net/gross): 336 kg/404 kg

Also equipped with heading machine Pisces HS-20

HS-20 have a single blade to produce a straight head cut at an angle adjustable to suit specific fish species. These machines provide high-yield, high-speed head removal from a large variety of fish species, each fish being automatically positioned for maximum yield irrespective of size.

The HS-20 is suitable for fish in the size range of 12 oz. (340 grams) to 6 lbs. (2.7 Kg.) depending upon species. Species handling capabilities include Trout, Whitefish, Mackerel, Walleye, Bass, Redfish, Large Perch, Mullet, Drum, Croaker, and similar species.

Belt speed: 55 trays per minute

Power: 1,3 kW

Water consumption: 7 l\min

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2340 x 860 x 1420 mm

Weight: 330 kg