Carnitech CT2630 – Filleting machine for salmon and trout

Filleting machine for salmon and trout

Manufactured year: 2013

Condition: Good, working

This filleting machine processes salmon, trout from abt. 2 to 7 kg up to 20 fish/min (depending on fish size).

The CT2630 in many ways is similar to the CT 2611. But the main difference from the CT2611 is the combination of band knives and circular knives. Due to this combination the machine CT2630 treats the fillets very gently.  The band knives automatically adjust to the size and shape of the fish and the circular knives make sure that the cut is made as close to the backbone of the fish as possible.  A clean cut with maximum yield is achieved.

With this filleting machine time-consuming readjustment is avoided. By simple adjustment of valve pressure, the machine automatically cuts the required type of fillet.

The open design of the filleting machine makes cleaning considerably easier. At the back of the machine you will find two access doors through which the band knives can be replaced and all components can be efficiently cleaned.

Dampers make it easy to open the cabinet for inside cleaning and maintenance. All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel and other FDA-approved materials.

This machine is small-dimensional and easy to install even in small production areas. It has an integrated compressor, a dryer system and an electrical cabinet which makes installation easier.

The low energy and water consumption are other advantages which meet the requirements of environmentally correct processing methods in the fish industry.

Water consumption: 10 liters per minute

The CT 2630 can be connected to the automatic beheading machine CT 2620, with automatic infeed from the beheader.