Baader 182 – Filleting machine for pollock

Condition: Good, working

Baader 182 processes Alaska pollack and similar fish from 32-52 cm (=320-1200 gr) in total length. This machine combines heading, gutting, filleting.

The fish is placed  on a belt, in way to the heading unit, the size of the fish is electronically determined, and the processing tools moved by stepping motors are individually controlled for each fish via the host computer. According to its size, the fish is first brought into the optimum position for heading. Heading is performed through a V-cut which saves as much meat  as possible and is, beyond this, advantageous for the possible subsequent roe extraction since the guts remain intact.  Subsequently, the fish are filleted over the total length without previous tail cut. The controlled heading in form of V-cut and the filleting without tail cut result in a maximum fillet yield.

Capacity: 120 fish per minute.